WANTED: Future business visionaries!

Got a plan for a potentially disruptive world-changing business? Need creative communications help from wise heads? Skint? You could be in the right place!

As an independent, mission-driven agency we still remember (just!) what it was like to be a pioneering start-up business. We empathise with those who feel the burning passion of a brilliant idea. We recall the challenges of finance and cash-flow. And we’re humbly grateful for the support we received from more experienced others at the start of our own journey fifteen years ago. So ‘Futerra Labs’ is our way of paying it forward. Returning the generous favours others did for us. Living reciprocity.

We know our hard earned creative communications expertise can be invaluable to small purpose-driven, sustainability-inspired businesses. But we’re also familiar with not having the money to pay for those vital services! Through our Futerra Labs programme we provide creative and strategic support and advice to those innovative start-ups who like us dare to ‘Imagine Better’ and have the courage and commitment to try and make it happen.

Each Futerra Labs relationship is unique. There is no set formula. We’re open to offers. Maybe it’s an informal advisory role compensated through payment in kind (give us some of your lovely products maybe?) Perhaps it’s one of our Founders or Senior Team taking a seat on your Board in exchange for a stake in your business? Or even our whole creative team helping you on the full purposeful branding, positioning, messaging journey for sweat equity? We do relationships not just transactions. We want to help you succeed. The world needs you to.



As a potential Futerra Lab project you could be in good company. We’ve already worked and are working with some incredibly inspiring people and their transformative businesses and campaigns. These include Bio-Bean – converting London’s waste coffee grounds into fuel (biodiesel and biomass pellets), Snact – making discarded fruit into tasty, healthy ‘jerky’, Zero Carbon Food – growing healthy, pesticide-free food in the City (in a disused tube tunnel 30m underground!), Energy Revolution – turning festival travel into renewable energy and Fashion Revolution – the world’s biggest ethical fashion campaign to name but a few.

So if you know which side of history you want your organisation to be on, and feel you might benefit from some pure Futerra logic and magic to accelerate your success then please get in touch. We’ve got important work to do together.




We could have done every #OptimistApril post about how the women’s movement makes us optimistic. From the women’s march that happened around the world to #MeToo to 3% Conference, women are changing the world.


@lilianliu of the @unitednations Global Compact is one of our Futerra Fashion Revolutionaries. Check out our interview with her and hear why she works in sustainable fashion on our blog now!


We’re optimistic about systems change, which is about addressing the root causes of social problem rather than creating bandaid solutions to symptom problems. By looking at the world, organizations, and social structures as interrelated and interdependent parts, we can make more informed and more sustainable choices as we’re able to better consider the impact of our decisions. #OptimistApril

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