The newest Futerran: Aman Singh

Freya Williams


The New York office of Futerra has been growing fast and a new year is bringing new team members into the fold. Our most recent addition: sustainability and CSR guru/veteran Aman Singh, as Editor in Chief. She’ll be guiding clients on content strategy, editorial calendars, social media strategy and amplification as well as the most sustainability-savvy report, content and article creation in the business. She’s the perfect blend of logic and magic. We’re so thrilled to have Aman on board – welcome, Aman!!!!

Here’s a little more about Aman and her journey to Futerra…

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Although Steve Jobs said this many years after my initiation into the professional world, it speaks to what has become somewhat of a personal – and professional – mantra.

That is, connecting the dots.

I started my career as a young aspiring journalist in Delhi, India. My first job: an investigative journalist news outlet that had recently launched a significant expose on government corruption and clearly could use some free help. That summer, I learned loads about the value of listening – and the art of asking questions.

Next came college and then a move to the U.S. and stints as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and The Villager before finding my way to the many threads of CSR and sustainability for Forbes, TriplePundit and Guardian Sustainable Business. I launched the recruitment industry’s first CSR-focused ranking and blog; took on and tested all that social media has to offer to understand how to have better and more meaningful conversations; led CSRwire’s editorial operations and pivot from newswire to a dynamic digital media platform; fulfilled hundreds of speaking engagements and workshops dissecting the cords of sustainability; and finally joined the sustainability and purpose world of agencies.

Along the way I had the privilege of working with and learning from hundreds of sustainability veterans – Kathrin Winkler of EMC, Shannon Schuyler of PwC, Dave Stangis of Campbell Soup, Tim Mohin now heading GRI, Dr. Neil Hawkins of Dow Chemical, Catherine Ginsbury of General Mills, Suzanne Fallender of Intel, Susan Heaney now at Rainforest Alliance, Unilever’s Jonathan Atwood and Marcela Manubens among many, many others – and had the chance to peek into complex operations, passionate teams and sometimes multiple knots to unfold and connect.

All the twists and turns of my career have helped me continue to learn and evolve not just my skills, but also my thinking on issues such as impact, meaning, sustainability, dignity, happiness, success, empowerment and more. Somewhere along the way I became a mom and realized that my purpose must remain steadfastly to continue to connect the dots. Because experience is valuable. Because diversity of experiences and projects can help create better outcomes. Because only then can I make sure I can teach my son how to be the best human being he can be. And for that, I must continue to do work that is satisfying, bold, provocative and helping us move this world to the right side of history.

Now as I write this sitting next to 11 amazing Futerrans in NYC, I feel the richness of this moment. To be able to pursue my dream with a team who lives and breathes the power of imagination.

That to see change, we must first imagine better.

That to create change, we must mix the strength of logic with the potency of creative magic.

That to truly work toward building a sustainable world, we must think systemically. Without tethers. But with conviction.

I’m ready.

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Thank you for keeping the inspiration going. There are days when the strength of logic doesn't seem to move anyone or anything.....now I will try some creative magic!!! Love it.

Juliette Caulkins




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