Futerra Fashion Revolutionaries – Oya Barlas Bingul of Lenzing

To celebrate Fashion Revolution and the progress the fashion industry has made towards becoming more sustainable, we’re asking experts in the field who we think are fashion’s revolutionaries to share some of their insight into the industry and the future of fashion.


Oya Barlas Bingul is the Business Development Manager for UK & Benelux at Lenzing Group. Lenzing makes fibres from natural wood and are botanic products derived from renewable sources and processed with unique resource-conserving technologies. At Lenzing AG, Oya looks after the brands and retailers in UK and Benelux by promoting the benefits and values of Lenzing’ s fibres such as TENCEL®, Lenzing Modal®, Refibra™ and Ecovero™.


Why do you work in sustainable fashion?

I joined Lenzing almost 2 years ago and learnt that we can actually move things on with innovation, education and most importantly patience – shifting an industry takes time.

Leading great projects with successful, well-known brands which are all taking serious steps to improve their environmental footprints. Positive approach and willingness to take action, gives me a lot of motivation on my daily work.


Tell us about one item of clothing from your closet that embodies sustainable fashion.

Well, there is not only one, there are several pieces which I have had for more than 10 years! I like classic pieces which do last longer than a season!  A black dress is never out of fashion.


What do you think is the biggest achievement of the sustainable fashion movement?

Helping people to start asking questions about the products they buy. Where is it made? What is it made of? Under what conditions? What kind of materials? Are there sustainable alternatives?


With regards to making progress towards building a sustainable fashion industry, who do you want to thank and why?

There are many amazing people and  organisations out there which I do admire for their passion and work in creating a sustainable fashion industry. One of them is Nina Marenzi of The Sustainable Angle, who supports, educates and connects a whole industry for more sustainable practices and material choices.


Tell us a story about a sustainable fashion industry in 2030 – a day in the life of a worker, a consumer, through the lens of your business, etc.

This isn’t a story, I would  like to rather talk about our achievements by 2030.

Brand and retailers:  Being more resourceful and more innovative in creating fashion!

Consumer:  Consciously choosing what to buy, showing determination to do more and using their power to change the fashion for the better!

Worker:  Improved working conditions, fair living wages.

Our business: Continues support in offering solutions for a more sustainable fashion industry.


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