We’re Out of Office for the Global Climate Strike

Look in the papers, scroll through Twitter, flick through the channels. You’ll see something big is happening.

Young people are rising up, speaking out and demanding action on climate change. Not soon. Not sometime.


That’s why, on 20thSeptember, the entire global Futerra team will be out of the office and in the streets. Standing in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of young people at the Global Climate Strike.

Why are we striking, when everything Futerra does is for sustainability? Because the young school strikers are asking us to. Those are all future Futerrans, friends, leaders and clients. They are your future consumers and colleagues.

So will you join us?

Here’s how:


Join the Global Climate Strike

 Whether you can be there in person or not, you can show your support:

  1. Visit to find an event near you. 
    • Futerra’s London team will be striking at various events across London including at Millbank.
    • Our NYC team will be striking at Battery Park.
  2. Set your own out of office message at work – we all receive approx. 120 emails daily – so that’s a lot of climate advocacy you can make in just one day! Find pre-made out of office images here to add to your email signature or use the below copy in your out of office message:
    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your email.
      I am currently out of the office.
      Because I’m out of patience.
      Out of time
      And out of options.
      We are in a climate crisis. But politicians are refusing to act.
      So I’m on strike
      And in the streets with millions of others.
      Demanding those in office bring an end to the age of fossil fuels.
      If you feel it’s urgent, contact <climate strike address>. Or join me at <wherever you’re striking>.
      And together, we can demand climate justice for everyone.
  3.  Join the digital strike online.

The Climate Strike is a crucial moment for all of us to join voices and demand action. Together, we can make sure we’re heard.


Donate your social media and ad time to the Youth Climate Movement

Futerra has worked with the Youth Climate Movement to create a multi-platform advertising campaign to raise awareness about the Climate Strike. The film features climate activists, young and old, on why they are going to be out of office and in the streets on September 20thstriking to demand the end of the age of fossil fuels. Seventh Generation has donated their ad time during the week of September 16thto air this ad rather than their own product ads. You will also see this ad across NYC Link Stations and, of course, all over social media.

We’re asking everyone to donate a post on their social media channel to share the campaign video or other assets, which you can find here. And we’re also asking companies to donate their TV ad time to broadcast the Youth Climate Movement ad. Please get in touch if you think your company may be interested.

Will you help push the message of the global strike?


Commit to using your creative powers for good and ask PR and advertising agencies to do the same.

In June 2019, Futerra published a Creative Conflicts Disclosureletter promising to publicly declare all income from ‘high carbon’ clients and inviting other agencies to join. To date, 140 global creative, PR and advertising agencies have joined, with 5 disclosure reports already published (including Futerra’s). It’s also received support from the media, celebrities and campaigners like Extinction Rebellion and has been covered by The Drum, PR Week, and the Financial Times.

  • If you work at an agency: If you’re the leader of the agency, sign up. This means you agree to publishing a client disclosure report by the end of 2019. For more info on what this looks like, check out the examples from other agencies who have already done so:
  • If you’re an individual creative: whether you freelance or work at one of the big agencies, you can sign up as an individual to commit to never working on a fossil-fuel promoting brief ever again.
  • If you work at a business/client side: You are working so hard to align your business models with climate science, we thought it only fair that agencies do the same. That’s why we’re asking you to ask all of your agencies to sign the Creative Conflicts Disclosure letter and disclose their percentage of revenue from high carbon clients.
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