Futerra Fashion Revolutionaries: Giorgia Roversi, Sustainability and Inclusion Director at YNAP

Giorgia Roversi is Sustainability and Inclusion Director at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP (YNAP), a world leading online luxury fashion retailer. In keeping with their commitment to the sustainable cause, starting from March, every month Yoox will launch a new sustainable capsule. 


Why do you work in sustainable fashion?

I’ve been working in Digital Fashion for my entire career – the step into sustainable fashion was a natural evolution returning from mat leave. I love my job – I can act for a better future for my son and the generations to come.


Tell us about one item of clothing from your closet that embodies sustainable fashion.

My red dress. It is one of those pieces you love at first sight and you hope to pass to the next generation. I am sure it will last a lifetime and beyond.


What do you think is the biggest achievement of the sustainable fashion movement?

It is opening the eyes of people on overconsumption: sometimes you simply become part of an ongoing system and you do not realize the wrong in it. Also, my hope is that fashion can change its own system but also have a broader impact – it does have a unique power of talking to people.


With regards to making progress towards building a sustainable fashion industry, who do you want to thank and why?

Customers, especially the new generations. Change in their habits will be the key driver for positive change across the fashion industry.


Tell us a story about a sustainable fashion industry in 2030 – a day in the life of a worker, a consumer, through the lens of your business, etc.

Less to buy. More to love. Ten years from now, there will be less pieces within the fashion value chain, there will be less new and more circular. As a customer, I will be buying my new clothing based on their story – their previous lives. And I will be selling my own loved pieces to selected profiles – I would want to make sure my red dress will keep being loved and cared for.

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