Filippa K is one of the strongest fashion brands in Sweden. They have been working towards a more sustainable business for many years and in different ways, from improved labour conditions in the supply chain to opening a second hand concept store as early as 2008. In 2014 they felt it was time to take the next step. Filippa K had clear roadmaps towards sustainability but lacked a language, a story and a clearly articulated vision.


Sustainable fashion is a oxymoron. What’s sustainable lasts. Fashion is per definition temporarily. But style isn’t and todays fashion landscape is more diverse than ever. There’s no longer a clear mainstream fashion, rather a delta of different styles and subcultures. In this environment it becomes more important to build your own personal style than to follow the latest trend. A sustainable fashion might be an oxymoron but a sustainable wardrobe is not.


Futerra helped Filippa K develop the concept Long Lasting Simplicity, including a new vision and a new brand manifest, introducing the concepts circular design and curated wardrobe.

Futerra is ongoing giving advice regarding the sustainability communication.


“It has broadened our horizons and helped us put into words what we want to do in order to make it comprehensible and understandable for the whole organization. When we were stuck in the old expression, Futerra managed to innovate and develop our language while keeping the Filippa K tone and culture intact.”

– Elin Larsson, Sustainability
Manager, Filippa K


Ecosystems and planetary boundaries are our inspiration. We want to be part of the solution rather than add to the problem.
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