FSC has always had a strong following among businesses, but to make a bigger impact, FSC needed to increase mainstream consumer awareness and demand for FSC products. Despite being one of the world’s most recognised certification logos, most people don’t understand what it means for sustainable timber sourcing. And there’s even less engagement around the value it brings to forests and the animals and people that live in and around them That’s where we came in. How do you turn a respected certification symbol into a brand that’s well-known, understood and loved?


Building on FSC’s own global customer insight work, we were inspired by the realisation that we are all constantly surrounded by wood and paper products. They are such a ubiquitous part of our lives that we take them for granted. So we set out to celebrate their origins and emotionally reconnect people to the forest products they love in their everyday lives.


  • Defined the new brand positioning and strapline, Forests For All Forever.
  • Developed the brand identity and a complementary logo to go alongside the existing certification mark.
  • Produced a toolkit for all FSC partners – the businesses that stock FSC-certified products – to roll out FSC’s new messaging across the world.
  • Produced a powerful film to bring the idea to life.


The new FSC brand is rolling out globally in 2015. So far, responses have been overwhelmingly positive:

“I am pleased to say that it has been very well received. We’ve been congratulated by both the FSC Board and several other FSC stakeholders for the initiative and for the outstanding toolkit. A big heartfelt thank you for your commitment throughout the project, for the outstanding team work, professionalism and insight.”

— Carla Tavares, Programme Manager (Marketing), FSC



How do you turn a respected certification symbol into a brand that’s well known, understood and loved?


Logo recognition isn’t enough. People need to feel the difference they make through certification-led purchasing. Create a real ‘feel-good’ factor to reward shoppers and embed these behaviours for the future.

What our client thinks

“We were nothing but impressed with your team at all stages of the process. They are guided by passion and a true spirit of collaboration. Your team’s work was strategically solid, creatively disruptive and gave us a vision for our future brand.”

Etienne McManus-Whit — CMO, FSC

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