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    Kering, the holding company of fashion brands like Gucci and Alexander McQueen, developed the Environmental Profit & Loss (E P&L) tool – a breakthrough way to assess sustainability. The E P&L helps companies understand the impact business has on the environment, right from sourcing through to sales. Kering planned to open-source the E P &L methodology to encourage the fashion industry and others to follow their lead. But the E P&L is a necessarily complex, technical process to undertake, which could act as a barrier to using it. We needed to communicate the benefits the E P&L can have for business.

  • Insights

    The E P&L isn’t data for data’s sake; it is the edge of product and service performance. Once Kering brands understood the impact of their processes, they were inspired to find more sustainable ways to create and sell goods. It led to them using new materials, like recycled polyester, and even new products lines. The E P&L was the catalyst for innovation, or a way to discover the edge.

  • Actions

    • Established the creative concept ‘Discover the Edge’.
    • Developed the E P&L brand identity, including compelling messaging and beautiful infographics to bring clarity to complexity.
    • Created the E P&L website, print materials and film.
    • Wrote brand case studies to demonstrate the practical benefits of the E P&L.
    • Talking points, Q&A, and social media strategy for the industry launch of E P&L at an event in Paris.
  • Results

    Over the seven days following the launch, 258 print and online press articles on Kering’s sustainability strategy were released, including the New York Times headline ‘Kering becomes Luxury’s Activist’. The teaser video generated over 600,000 impressions and over 8,600 interactions in the seven-day period following its release. The E P&L is viewed as a serious, credible report, applauded by sustainability experts, financial bodies and media.

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Important doesn’t need to be boring. Beauty and clarity can increase audience reach, even when the message is specialist and technical.

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impressions and over 8,600 interactions in the seven-day period following the teaser video’s release.

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