MTR is the rapid transit system for Hong Kong and is one of the most profitable and efficient systems in the world. But 2014 was a difficult year for MTR. Delays to major projects and Occupy Central led to a lack of trust from customers. As well as reputational issues, staff and external stakeholders felt that sustainability at MTR was extremely technical and distant, not something that they could contribute to. With the 2014 sustainability report, we had the opportunity to improve relationships between MTR and the people it serves.


Good relationships are about being open, honest and caring. They’re also about understanding people. We all experience the world at street level – from our own perspectives. And it’s the same with big sustainability issues. At the heart of them is a human perspective, or a story. If MTR could become the platform for these stories, it would demonstrate to people that MTR cares about the lives it touches. And it would also make sustainability relevant and accessible to all.


  • Helped MTR take a new, more honest, open and human approach to their sustainability reporting.
  • Used a storytelling approach, following a day in the life of the city as told through MTR’s employees and customers. It uses real people’s stories to illustrate the sustainability issues that matter to MTR, along with performance highlights.
  • Created the print report as well as a website with full details about MTR’s sustainability approach, meeting GRI reporting standards.
  • Integrated key sustainability issues into the way MTR operates as a whole.


The report was nominated for Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards 2015 for Best CR Report.

Life of the City has revolutionised the way MTR reports on sustainability. As a leading company both in Asia and globally, MTR has also changed the way other companies approach sustainability reporting.

This work has also created a solid foundation for MTR’s communications on sustainability.



At the heart of big sustainability issues,
there is a human perspective, or a story.


Nominated for Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards 2015 for Best CR Report
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