A new initiative called Food for Progress, launched by a couple of small and medium sized food producers and entrepreneurs came to us with an idea. They wanted to challenge the way we produce and consume food by igniting the protein shift. They had found a mind-blowing bean-based product with a great potential. That could be the product to kick it all off. But they had no brand.

Since it was an independent initiative not backed by big business, we had very limited resources to work with, and very tight, non negotiable timeframes.


We did not want to compete with veggie-alternatives and “soy-meat”. We wanted to compete with meat and chicken. We wanted to do it with a superior product with a sex appeal and attitude more attractive than meat.

The dominating vegetarian alternatives was not very attractive at all. Most products looked very boring and pretentious, lacking humor and edge. There was an apparent space for something else.


The name was established to Oumph! with tagline “epic veggie food for free range humans”. We defined business case, target customer, value proposition and preferred market position. We developed brand purpose: to drive the protein shift from meat to plant, brand promise: it’s easy to be a sustainability hero, and brand strategy: making meat free food normal (changing the norm). We developed the Oumph! brand identity, including copy and messaging.

We created a social media strategy and brought in design agency Snask to develop the packaging and website. The food styling is by Elisabeth Johansson and food photography by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.


  • Plain success. The design and tonality celebrated in hundred of blogs, posts and comments in social media.
  • Today 3 out of 4 of the largest food retailers in Sweden have Oumph! in their range of products. International expansion is rolling out as we speak.
  • The most successful launch ever at nation-wide sportsbar chain O’Learys.
  • Awarded Food innovator of the year at Livsmedelsdagarna. One of the most prestigious prizes in Sweden.


Create a brand with the potential to change peoples’ perception of vegetarian food. Together, we wanted to do it by being bold, brave and raw.


Today 3 out of 4 of the largest food retailers in Sweden have Oumph! in their range of products.
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