How do you get people hooked?

The illegal trade in wildlife is driving species to the brink of extinction. UN Environment wanted our help to stop it. The trade thrives on ignorance and indifference, so we asked: how do you get people hooked?

Make them wild

We developed Wild for Life, a multi-channel campaign to get people to connect with their own inner wildness. A chance to really show their wild side.

Billions of them

With a powerful creative campaign, and celebrities like Neymar and Gisele on board, our message reached 1 billion people, with over 3 million people pledging to take action (especially across Asia).

We love this campaign, and the industry agreed. Wild for Life has won The Hermes Creative Award, the Webby People’s Choice Award, and named among the top 10 most influential advocacy campaigns in China by Weibo.

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