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When President Trump tried to deny millions of Americans access to copay-free birth control, our campaign with Women's Equality Centre stopped him.

The challenge

62 million women in the US use copay-free birth control. One man – President Trump – wanted to take it away. A ‘religious freedom order’ meant that universities, employers and insurers could deny birth control coverage to millions of women. Women’s Equality Center needed to act fast. They asked us to develop a 360-degree awareness campaign to activate the public and we had the small window of a 60-day comment period to do it.

Watch how we stopped Trump from taking away copay-free birth control

The solution

We developed a full campaign including name, branding and messaging, campaign strategy and creative platform, spanning video content, digital advertising, press, an experiential bus tour and social campaign.

Campaign merch
Comedians Cecily Strong, Ana Gasteyer, Sasheer Zamata, and Franchesa Ramsey become the voice of birth control in a social film.

At the heart of the Keep Birth Control Copay-Free campaign was an online invoice generator that allowed users to understand what the repeal would cost them for their annual birth control – and then send President Trump the bill.


comments to the White House in protest of the Religious Freedom Order

The impact

The campaign inspired A-List celebrities including Mark Ruffalo and Jessica Biel to call out President Trump and received widespread coverage in outlets ranging from Time Magazine and Washington Post to Refinery 29 and Vogue. Most importantly, the campaign generated over 500,000 official comments to the White House. And in December, a federal judge issued an injunction, stopping the order and keeping birth control copay-free.


impressions across social channels

Keep Birth Control Copay-free in the press


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