How do you attract a new generation of fans?

The world’s greatest motor racing series, Formula 1, needed to get future-ready and appeal to the next generation of fans. Our challenge: minimise impact, maximise spectacle.

Accelerate progress

We developed Formula 1’s first-ever sustainability strategy. It sets out a bold agenda for complete decarbonisation, sustainable fan experiences and leading the way on diversity and inclusion within the sport.

The coverage of Formula 1’s net zero carbon commitment reached over 2 billion people and was a huge hit with fans. A survey revealed that 82% of fans appreciated the lengths Formula 1 is going to, and 60% said that they were willing to change their behaviour as a fan to contribute to a more sustainable sport.

Making history again

From safety developments to ultra-efficient hybrid power, Formula 1 has been at the forefront of technological innovation throughout its history and has directly benefited the wider automotive industry. That means the breakthroughs made as part of this strategy have the potential to lift the entire car and fuel industry.

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