How can we get more people outside?

As part of their Opt Outside campaign, REI wanted to map the biggest issues facing the future of life outdoors. As a bunch of hikers, bikers, climbers and skiers ourselves, we couldn’t wait to meet around the campfire and make it happen. Because right now, the average American spends 95% of their life indoors. So, how do we get more people outside?

Show the path ahead

We talked to academics, First Nation leaders and REI fans to uncover what the future holds. Our research revealed that we’re standing at a crossroads: either continue a long march indoors or reconnect with our natural habitat. We wrote and designed The Path Ahead, a website and report showcasing the ‘brutal truths’ and ‘beautiful possibilities’ of the future to spark the movement to get outdoors.

Shared with 16 million people

The Path Ahead reached 16 million REI members and hundreds of non-profit partners, and our animation was featured across REI’s social channels.  Now, stop reading and #OptOutside.

Visit the REI The Path Ahead website here

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