How do we make the unloved the irresistible?

Every year, an estimated $500 billion is lost in clothes that are barely worn and rarely recycled. That’s bad for the planet – and bad for businesses like Tommy Hilfiger too. But if we’re going to turn don’t-wants into must-haves, we need a fresh take on what ‘new’ is.

Starting something new

Introducing Tommy for Life, Tommy Hilfiger’s pioneering resale platform, turning pre-owned or damaged Tommy clothing into good-as-new pieces. All part of the brand’s mission to create fashion that welcomes all and wastes nothing.

But the platform needed a distinct voice in the fast-growing second-hand market. So we created a bold idea – ‘New for you’ – where the end of one relationship with an item is simply the start of an exciting new one

Bringing Life to life

To communicate the idea of never-ending newness, we created a dynamic brand identity – one that’s never still, never done; constantly changing into new, exciting designs.

We also crafted the messaging, ensuring consumers understood how the platform worked, and that although products weren’t ‘new’, they’d still receive the usual unmistakable Tommy quality – but with a far lower impact.

The new normal

Even though the second-hand market is due to hit $64b in the next five years, for many brands some stigma still remains. But by making this ‘new’ the new normal through one of the world’s most famous clothing companies, we can finally bring circularity into the mainstream.

And create an entire industry that welcomes all, and wastes nothing.

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